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Deposit Products

Providing advice and dealing in deposit and payment products


Providing advice and dealing in derivatives

Managed Investment Schemes

Managing investor interests in Managed Investment Schemes including investor directed portfolio services


Providing advice and dealing in securities


Capital raising and underwriting of securities

Non-cash Products

Non-cash payment products

Investment advice

Townshend Capital is a boutique investment management company located in Perth, Western Australia.

Our role is to partner with clients to provide premium investment and wealth management advice, tailored to your needs.

Townshend Capital’s people are highly qualified advisors with the education and experience to guide your investment portfolio.  We are focussed on assisting investors to maximise wealth. Our goal is to guide our clients in creating, implementing and managing investment strategies that deliver long-term growth.

The experience and extensive networks of our people allows Townshend Capital to act as financial guardians of our clients’ investment portfolios.

We use our wide experience to develop bespoke strategies to protect and grow our clients’ wealth and help meet their financial goals.


Through our quality connections and networks, we are able to offer exclusive investment opportunities to our clientèle.

Townshend Capital’s Experience

Our team’s extensive experience gained in Australia and overseas includes:

  • trading
  • financial markets
  • commercial analysis
  • economic modelling
  • strategic planning
  • asset valuation
  • due diligence
  • identifying business development opportunities
  • provision of economic and acquisition advice
  • mergers and acquisitions support
  • equity capital raising
  • accounting and financial control, and
  • provision of investment advice

Our Services

Our wide range of financial services extends from providing financial product advice to managing investment schemes, share portfolios, underwriting and capital raising. Portfolios are tailored to suit our individual clients’ financial objectives.

We specialise in providing financial services to experienced investors who are seeking a higher level of access to new investment opportunities.

Our Australian Financial Services Licence authorises us to provide services for wholesale clients.


Service Areas

Townshend Capital’s major service area and expertise is dealing in financial products for wholesale investors including:

  • Acquiring and disposing of deposit and payment products
  • Dealing in derivatives
  • Managing Investor interests in Managed Investment Schemes including investor directed portfolio services
  • Underwriting of securities
  • Acquiring and disposing of securities

We are also licensed to provide financial advice for:

  • Deposit products
  • Derivatives
  • Managed Investment Schemes
  • Securities
  • Underwriting

Financial Services to Generate Wealth

Are you an investor seeking individual attention, assistance and access to new opportunities in partnership with a boutique financial services company?  Please contact us.

Our Clients

wealthIf you have accumulated wealth from your business endeavours, professional expertise or family investments and understand the benefits of managing and growing your wealth through investment, we can help.

Townshend Capital serves investors who understand the value of diversified investment strategies. We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to each of our clients, deliberately maintaining a small and exclusive client base so that we can always provide high standards of attention and service. If you are seeking access to exclusive strategic investment opportunities, we can help.

Townshend Capital

You can be assured of receiving our focused attention and advice when choosing Townshend Capital to assist with wealth management and investment.  Our vision is to develop a long term relationship based on trust and partnership.



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Postal address: 15 McCabe St North Fremantle WA 6159